IP Expo 2017

One of the main takeaway points of a microservices architecture is that individual services should be replaceable, scalable, deployable etc. Unfortunately most traditional CMS solutions are modeled as heavy frameworks which are hard to replace and encourages a data model based on “pages” which makes redesign cumbersome.

In this talk Marcus Ahnve will show how a headless CMS can be used with success in a microservices environment, enabling the promises of replaceability.

Advantages of a headless CMS includes:

  1. The same content can be made available on several platforms, with simultaneous updates

  2. Increased security as the CMS is hosted on a separate server and site only reads from it.

  3. The content structure becomes more clear when formatting and presentation is done separately.

  4. A more flexible architecture when the backend code is not written and run inside the CMS but uses it as an external service.