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    In Swedish, biathlon is called “skidskytte”, or ski shooting. I always found these two-sports-in-one-sports kind of funny, because you can really just mash any two sports together and voilá: a new sports.

    So while I was learning Clojure I built a simple web site that generates new sports for you called Skidskytteroulette which basically means biathlon roulette. I know, not that funny in english.


    In Sweden we tend to sing at parties, and at university so much that a standing toast master is elected for a year at a time. I held this honorable position back in the early 90’s.

    As there is no school of civil engineering at KTH anymore, some of our old traditions have died out, and some songs aren’t sung anymore.

    In order to preserve the culture of that old civilization, I built a web page with all the songs available at

    The site is built with Hugo using Semantic UI.