Presentations and Talks

  1. Agile Architecture, Design For Replacability

    The most important question to be asked when developing a new software system is “How will we replace it?” It is however a question seldom asked. Instead organization focus on reusability, which unfortunately helps create rigid and inflexible architectures. The talk shows how to design systems made up of small parts, why you should standardize on protocol and not platform and how you will end with a system that is easier to scale and maintain.j

    I gave this talk for the first time at JFokus 2012

  2. Don't Be Done

  3. Everything You Didn't Know You Have To Know About Software Development

  4. Layers Of Complexity

  5. Throw Out the Experts

  6. Why The Software Factory Fails

    This talk explains the industrial history of taylorism and mass Production and how it affects the every day work of software developers today, and why it is so hard to introduce agile methods in most organizations.

    I gave this talk the first time 2008 and have given it on numerous occasions since then, refining it as I have learnt more. I was interviewed regarding this talk in Javalobby

    I have given the talk at DevSum 2008, JavaZone 2009 where it was filmed, Valtech Days 2009, [Scandinavian Developer Conference 2010][sdc2010], Agile Prague 2011, XP Meetup in Oslo, and with a number of clients.