Marcus Ahnve
Stockholm, Sweden

Twitter: @mahnve


I wrote my first BASIC program in 1981 and have been paid to program since 1996. I have vast experience writing full stack software for the web and has written production code in Java, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin, Clojure, Ruby and Smalltalk. And of course, I know HTML, CSS and SQL as well.

I have built and designed applications on various versions of Open Source software stacks based on Linux and databases like PostgreSQL. Since the end of the 00-ies I have used cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean to deliver these solutions.

As my first professional assignment was a Smalltalk project, I was early on trained in what was to be called Agile methodologies. I have run projects using XP and Scrum since 2001 and am today an active member of the agile community in Sweden as a conference arranger and speaker.

During my career I have worked both as a consultant and in product companies. After trying non-technical roles I have found that I enjoy programming too much to let it go. These days I mix practical architecture, programming and devops assignments with coaching, helping teams with automation setups and improving their programming skills.

Working Experience

2018 - Marcus Ahnve AB

Independent Software Developer

  • Consultant at large media company

    • Part of team handling payments for multiple large streaming brands
  • Consultant at large logistics company

    • Designed and developed solution for tracking contents of packages.

    • Built prototypes to evaluate product ideas

2015 - 2018 Valtech AB

Technical Principal

  • Worked with technical strategy and architecture, internally and externally

  • Designed new payment solution for large online retailer

  • Helped large media company design new data mining solution

  • Started transformation to a headless CMS for large travel company

  • Information architect for Swedish Tax Authority introducing headless CMS

  • Transformation from monolith architecture to a microservices based one for global travel company.

  • Teacher in agile methodologies, devops automation and Clojure

  • Involved in presale trying to get assignments with an attractive technical profile for our consultants.

  • Speaker at conferences, talking about architecture, deployment and Clojure

2014 - 2015 Qwaya AB


  • Programmer building Qwayas SAAS platforms for advertisers, Qwaya and Funnel. Most Programming done in Python.

  • Moved existing application from single host deployment to a Docker based, clustered, AWS deployment. Automated the whole setup using Terraform, Ansible, and Packer.

  • Speaker at meetups and conferences about Docker, ClojureScript and agile architectures.

2009 - 2014 Valtech AB

Senior Consultant

  • Tech lead building the new version of the NGNews site The site is built in Ruby on Rails with a sprinkle of JavaScript on top, using PostgreSQL as database.

  • Tech lead for a project building internal playlist editor tool for TV schedules. Technologies used included Linux, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap and Backbone. We also built a custom view layer using a Ruby DSL to generate HTML.

  • Management consultant to leading telecommunications company, led value stream mapping workshops, gave courses in agile planning and requirements in Sweden and Finland and coached project managers.

  • Agile process coach to large address catalog company Initially hired to help out with a Scrum process, but realized it was not feasible. Initiated a Kanban based process instead and coached team leads to use it.

  • Teacher in agile project management for project management school

  • Speaker at various conferences and meetups

2008-2009 ThoughtWorks

Country Principal

  • Led the effort trying to start a ThoughtWorks office in Stockholm Worked with all parts including marketing, sales and administration.

  • Scrum Master and agile/lean mentor for larger bus company Adapted the existing Scrum process to the local premises and improved communication between development team and client organization.

2008-2015 Agila Sverige conference


  • Started Sweden’s first agile conference on agile methods

  • Facilitated Open Space

2007-2008 WeMind AB


  • Responsible for all technology within the company

  • Lead developer for web based program for cognitive behavioral therapy helping people with sleeping disorders.

2005-2007 Valtech AB

Senior Technical Consultant.

  • Internally responsible for agile methodology competency

  • Architect at large Telecom company Began implementation of agile development process. Developed framework in J2EE aimed to increase development speed.

  • Tech lead and project manager for a project creating a search service for a Swedish university.

  • Tech lead implementing CMS solution for Swedish university

2000-2005 Lecando AB


  • Responsible for the development of Lecando product portfolio and technical marketing.

  • Responsible for the development of Lecando product portfolio and technical marketing.

  • Led development team, early adopters of XP

  • Built product that was accepted into IBM product catalog

1999-2000 Sun Microsystems AB

Java Consultant in Sun Java Center.

  • Member of what became Suns first J2EE reference project

1998-1999 Enator Objective Management


  • Member of team building travel booking system in Java

  • Teacher in Java and Object Oriented Modelling

1996-1998 IBM Svenska AB

IT Specialist

  • Developed administrative client for Swedish social insurance authority in Smalltalk.

  • Teacher in Smalltalk


  • Agile Software Development
  • Software architecture for web based systems

Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Clojure
  • Ruby
  • Bash
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Go


  • Linux
    • Debian
    • Arch Linux
    • Void Linux
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • DigitalOcean
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Packer
  • Terraform


1990-1997 Masters degree in Civil Engineering

Spoken languages

  • Swedish: First language
  • English: Fluent
  • French: Beginner