About Me

My name is Marcus Ahnve, I live in Stockholm, Sweden since forever with my family.

I have worked with software development since 1996, mostly creating web based systems. During my career I have worked both as a consultant and in product companies, in roles spanning from backend developer to management consultant.

After trying pure non-technical roles I have found that I enjoy the technical part of software development too much to let it go. These days I try in my work to mix programming assignments with coaching and speaking, helping teams improve their processes and programming skills.

I am currently employed as Technical Principal at Valtech Sweden. My job description includes working as a solution architect, training, speaking, helping our sales team with technical sales, and a bit of development.

These days I prefer to program in Clojure, but I’ve also written a lot of Python and Ruby over the last 8 years. And of course, as anyone exposed to web development, I have also written my share of JavaScript.

As I have done quite a lot of server setups, I’ve become quite proficient with DevOps technologies such as Docker, Ansible and Terraform.

I was lucky enough to get started as a Smalltalk developer at IBM, which exposed me early on to what was to be called Agile methodologies. It was only later when I was introduced to Extreme Programming when I realized that we had been doing things differently.

Having started practicing XP in 2001, I have been very involved in the agile community, and was one of the founders of the Agila Sverige conference in 2008. I still believe that agile methodologies are necessary for a successful product development, but I am also quite disillusioned by what the industry has made out of it. After doing a number of consultancy gigs as an agile coach, I now much prefer to work in development teams, and focusing on actually building something.

If given a choice, I like to work with Open Source technologies. I run Linux on all my computers, and prefer Arch Linux on the desktop and Debian on servers.