Leaving Valtech, Joining Qwaya



Friday was my last day as a consultant at Valtech, and starting Monday I will join the team of developers at Qwaya.

This was the second time I was employed by Valtech. I originally joined them in 2005 after five years at Lecando. Back then, Valtech was one of only three companies in Stockholm actively promoting agile software development. (The other two was Agero and Citerus). I spent two years away from Valtech, first in product development at WeMind and after that trying to set up a Thoughtworks office in Stockholm. Neither of those two turned out the way I had hoped, so I was happy to return to Valtech in the fall of 2009.

My consulting assignments these last four years has been very varied. I have been an agile coach, developer, tech lead, teacher, architech, you name it. However, the work I enjoy the most is when I get to work in a small team, doing actual software development. I sometimes use the metaphor that I like to play football more than I like standing on the side lines.

There are many reasons why I am joining Qwaya. The main one is that I get to do actual development, I get to play. I am looking forward to joining a small team of talented developers, working with interesting technology, improving an already successful product. Another reason is how the company tries to create a place that will attract other talented people.

Valtech is great place with fantastic people. I wish you all the very best in the continuing transformation to an digital agency. For myself, I am anxious to get started tomorrow morning. (Hopefully extra happy after a Broncos Superbowl win, fingers crossed)