Notes From Smidig Open Space on Why Agile Isn't About Development Anymore



Today at Smidig 2010 I sponsored an Open Space session on the topic “How and When did Agile System Development Stop Being About System Development”

We had a very good discussion, and these are the notes we managed to gather, in the order they were discussed:

  • It’s Scrums fault
  • It’s easier to sell with soft skills arguments
  • Agile is trying to sell into other fields where the technical practices don’t apply.
  • Obsolete knowledge in management, old Cobol programmers not up to date with todays technologies.
  • As people speak more at conferences, the less they program.
  • More attention to people who are good at talking, and devs normally aren’t.
  • Using wrong metaphors, i.e. factory, to explain process to managers who do not understand leads to wrong process.
  • Recipient of system development does not understand the problem of why engineering practices are important.
  • Soft skills are easier to acquire.
  • Average organizations have average employees. Does not want to take responsibility, not that interested.
  • Management who does not understand the process they are running.
    • Is this partly developers fault?

Thanks all who joined in!