Vintage Computing



The Ahnve family spent the afternoon at the Stockholm Technical Museum. It was the last day of the Vintage Gaming exhibition, and man, did they have hardware to reminisce about.

I first stopped by an old Commodore Vic-20, my first computer which my dad bought me in 1983. It was running a Tetris clone, programmed by the computers owner two years ago. He also showed me the flash card add-on card I suppose he soldered himself which replaced the tapedrive. Awesome.

I then met Niklas whom I worked with at TeliaSonera a few years ago. He showed me an Atari 800 and some Nintendo 3D thingy. They even had an original Atari game console from 1976. Wow.

I found a Donkey Kong Game and Watch on sale for SEK 800. So cool.

All this time my wife stood confounded and suggested that they should have a designated place for bored spouses.