Google Apps - Heaven and Hell



We’re using Google Apps at Re:mind which is really, really great. So great in fact that I wanted to move my private mail there as well. So after setting the domain up, I created the webpage that was needed for domain activation, put it on my server, clicked the “verify my domain”, and got the usual “this may take 48 hours to complete”

It has now been almost two weeks or something like 300 hours, slightly more than 48. I have sent Google a support email asking what is happening, but I have yet not received an answer. To that mail that is

You see, today I got this mail:

Hello Marcus, You’ve been invited to use Google Apps for, but we noticed that you haven’t started using any services yet. To activate Gmail, Google Calendar, Page Creator or the new start page, log in to the control panel with your administrative account. At any time, if you get stuck or if you want to tell us about your experience with this service, you can find more information and get in touch through our help center ( To make room for other domains, we will remove from our system if you don’t activate any of these services in the next two weeks. If you need more time, just click this link: [link] and we’ll extend the deadline to 30 days from now. Alternatively, you can sign up again at a later date when you’re ready to use the service. Sincerely The Google Team

Now, isn’t that ironic?