I came back last night after two great days of conferencing at Smidig2007 in Oslo, Norway. The mornings where all lightning talks and the afternoons where reserved for open space discussions. I gave a lighnting talk on the experiences we have had at WeMind trying to implement a lean enterprise, and I initiated two open space sessions, one on the GUI artists role in an agile process and the other on what makes different languages have so different communities and cultures. I will expand on those in later posts.

During the two days I had the pleasure of hooking up with Niclas Nilsson, Aslak Hellesøy and a bunch og other great people. It was very stimulating discussions and I am really motivated into doing a few new things with our own testing/speccing.

It was all in norwegian, so all you non-scandinavian speakers out there are really missing out on something - finally a reason to take that class in swedish or norwegian you always thought about.

Photos and a few deeper comments are due later, but for now: a big thanks to my norwegian friends for a great time.