Javaforum in Stockholm Wrap Up



I spent yesterday evening at Javaforum. Ola Bini held a great presentation of JRuby that really showed what can be accomplished today and what we can expect in the future.

Ola is not only an über hacker, he is a great guy too. When asked what work is done with Ruby in Sweden today, he was kind enough to mention the work we’ve done at Valtech with Rails, which of course got him a well deserved beer later.

The guys from Interface 21 did a so-so job presenting Spring AOP. I might be biased as I have been in AOP-land and left it, but in my opinion their presentation skills were far better than the actual content.

During after-beer Ola and I discussed the state of Java and agreed that the greatest part of the Java platform is the JVM. It will most probably survive Java the language and be a platform for a multitude of languages. It was therefore funny to read Mike Bowlers blog post today about exactly the same thing.

All in all a good evening.