Client OS



I looked at the logs for freeroller and realized that 75% of client OS’s accessing it was Windows. This is of course a lower percentage than would be expected from a more generic set of computer users (I assume we’re all geeks here, right :-), but still, 75%.

I most certainly don’t want to start another Windozesuckslinuxisugly debate, but I was thinking that most sites accessed on freeroller have a strong connection to Java, and often business system Java - as opposed to embedded etc.

The main competitor to Java as business systems go is of course .NET. How come that 75% of the programmers who have made the Java their choice of programming language use Windows as their operating system? Why are they not preferring .NET?

Is it that they consider Windows a superior client os, but want the freedom of choice on the server? That they love the Java syntax? Someone else made the choice? Is this a small indication that .NET is a failure? Just curious.

Up until two years ago I also used Windows as my client os for programming. But then Sun started releasing the JDK’s for Linux at the same time as for Windows and Solaris. I made the switch and never looked back.

For the sake of it, I’m writing this using Phoenix on Windows on my home machine, which dual boots Win XP and Red Hat 8. I strongly prefer RH8, my wife Windows.