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Hi, I'm Marcus, I'm a software developer living in Stockholm, Sweden.

This is my personal website, which is basically this page and my blog, where I write about mostly technical things and topics surrounding it like net neutrality etc. If you want to get in touch with me, a few channels are listed below.

Latest Posts

  1. 2015-06-07 Slados

    SLADOS This is the English version of a talk I gave at the Agila Sverige conference dinner 2015-06-03. Introduction Good evening consultants and managers! My name is Marcus Ahnve, and I represent SLADOS, Safe Lean Agile DevOps Scrumban. The name is automatically generated once a month by a script that searches Google for trending agile words and creates a pronounceable acronym from them. Before I get started, let me just assure you that SLADOS is for you. Read More ...

  2. 2015-06-07 English Version of the SLADOS Talk

    I have translated the talk I gave last week at Agila Sverige to English, it’s available here. Read More ...

  3. 2015-06-04 SLADOS Talk At Agila Sverige

    I gave a dinner talk yesterday at the Agila Sverige conference which was fairly rantish about the state of the agile world. The text of the talk is available here (in swedish). Read More ...

  4. 2015-06-04 SLADOS (swedish)

    SLADOS This is a talk I gave at the Agila Sverige conference dinner 2015-06-03. This is the Swedish version, but there is an english version available too. Introduktion God kväll, chefer och konsulter! Mitt namn är Marcus Ahnve och kommer från SLADOS, Safe Lean Agile Devops Scrumban. Namnet generas en gång i månaden av ett litet skript som söker på Google efter trendiga agila ord och sätter ihop det till en uttalbar förkortning. Read More ...

  5. 2015-05-22 Docker Container Orchestration

    In the first post on how we moved our application to Docker on AWS, I described the reason for us to do it, and how we set up the servers. This post describes how we’ve organized the different Docker containers. Container Setup On AWS Our setup on AWS looks like this: We use an EC2 load balancer to route traffic to our web hosts. This is an easy way to setup clustering, but you should be aware that EC2 does not allow for any alternative route or html page if no hosts are available. Read More ...

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